Meet Beth El's President, Susan Sieber
I will be honored to serve as synagogue president for this year. I look forward to working with the
executive committee, David Isaacs, Gary Broder and Shelly Albini, with our incumbent and new
board members, and of course with our Rabbi and Cantor. I would like to thank all of our officers
for their contributions during past year, and I would like to thank all of our committees for their
hard work as well. Thanks also to all of you for making me feel so welcome when I was a new
member. I would in turn like to give back to our synagogue by serving as president. I have
experienced first hand your warmth and caring, and have seen how our congregation extends
itself to reach out to our new members so that they feel welcome and feel part of our congregation.

I attended religious school at Beth El, a Conservative synagogue in Stamford Conn, where I
became bat mitzvah and was also confirmed. My father was president of that synagogue at one
time. My parents and grandparents gave me a pony for my bat mitzvah gift, I had been
negotiating for that pony since I was 5 or 6. After college, I worked as a nurse manager for 18
years in Washington, DC, then moved back to this area 15 years ago, of course with two horses.
I have lived in Woodbury for the past seven years. I am president of the Little Britches Therapeutic
Riding Program, and on the executive board of Dressage for Kids, another non-profit that teaches
children responsible horsemanship. I am an honorary FFA Member (For the Future of Agriculture),
and work with many area students who assist me with both horse related non-profits. I also work
in my family’s lumber business in marketing and human resources.I have known Cantor Citrin for
the past ten years. She prepared my older daughter, Lindsey, for her bat mitzvah. She was one of
the main reasons I became a member of Beth El.  

I look forward to getting to know each member of our congregation better. I am very
approachable, and I will always be interested in hearing all of your ideas and suggestions.
I am up at 5am, have had coffee and am coherent at 5:15 and can talk on the phone anytime
until 10pm. I am also available by e-mail.

One of my goals for this year is to develop the resources within our congregation by encouraging
every member to become more involved, and give of their time, energy and knowledge to make
our synagogue even more wonderful and meaningful a place than it is already. We all need to
work together to achieve this.

Another goal I have for this year is to make the CHAI Center for Jewish Learning a reality. I am truly
looking forward to participating in our school with my 11-year-old daughter, Gwen, and with all of
you. I feel our school will help us grow our membership, and will also help us grow together as a

I will let you know up front that I am not skilled in parliamentary procedure, at my Little Britches
Board Meetings, the past president of the PTA for the state of Connecticut serves as
parliamentarian. I am also not the greatest speech writer! I do have energy, am good at
organization, and event planning and I am a people person. I will certainly do the best job I
possibly can as the president of Beth El.
Beth El Synagogue, 124 South Pomperaug Avenue, Woodbury , CT 06798 I 203 264-4500 I