Cantor Sharon Citrin Goldstein

Music connects us to Jewish time and space and is a wonderful way to engage and
educate members.  At Beth El, musical tradition and creative vision come together
through song and chant adding joy and spirituality to our worship.

The presence of a cantor infuses our services and celebrations with music during the
High Holy Days, holidays and festivals, and on some selected Friday evenings and
Shabbat mornings.  Under my direction, the Beth El Choir performs a repertoire of
Hebrew prayers and songs in a variety of musical styles and traditions.  There are
musical opportunities for both adults and children as singers and instrumental
accompanists, as well as Torah and Haftarah readers/chanters and service leaders.    

Enjoy the intimacy of our services, the joy of our festivities, the excitement of our cultural
programs, and the warmth and hospitality that characterizes the Beth El community!

Cantor Sharon Citrin Goldstein has served as Beth El's Cantor since 2009. She was
ordained at Hebrew College in Newton Centre, MA with valedictory honors and a
Masters in Jewish Education. She has broad-range experience in choral singing and
Jewish and Yiddish music, having been the vocalist for ten years of the popular Nefesh
Klezmer Band, which released the CD, Nefesh Unplucked.

As Coordinator of the Confronting Anti-Semitism Program for the Connecticut Regional
Office of the Anti-Defamation League for the past fifteen years, she empowers the next
generation of Jewish leaders through educational workshops for students and adults. A
member of the Cantors Assembly and Women Cantors Network, Cantor Citrin
Goldstein is known in the community for her musical leadership, innovations in Jewish
education, and dedication to building Jewish identity

Cantor Sharon Citrin Goldstein may be reached at
or phone 203 841-6192
Beth El Synagogue, 124 South Pomperaug Avenue, Woodbury , CT 06798 I 203 264-4500 I