Can a Hebrew School Really be
Engaging and Meaningful?

The CHAI Center for Jewish Life & Learning is:

Our creative approach engages students to bring out their best skills and inspires them to
ask questions and seek answers.        
We see every child as a whole individual with gifts and talents, needs and passions, ready
to learn and to teach their wisdom. We do not focus on B'nai Mitzvah preparation - we
focus on preparing Jewish children for Jewish life.
We don't expect kids to sit still in classrooms each week after a long day of school.
Sessions are engaging and interactive, and supported by Sunday family-oriented sessions.
Want to make matzah while learning about Passover and bake hamantashen as we prepare
for Purim? Or perhaps make your own Shabbat candles, or go on a nature walk or celebrate
Havdallah under the stars? We can do that!
We bring the concept of l'dor v'dor - from generation to generation - to life. Parents and
adult members come together to learn and teach.

What Do We Teach?
Hebrew Skills, Bible, Shabbat and Holidays - but we do not stop there.
We add Jewish History and Core Concepts, and integrate Ethics, Tradition, and Spiritual
Development in every session. Students develop a deeper Jewish understanding of what
they are learning, link it to their lives, and develop Jewish pride.

Tuition is free with adult membership.

School calendar includes
Thursday weekday classes
Monthly Friday night Shabbat attendance

For registration materials, call our office at 203-264-4500.
Beth El Synagogue, 124 South Pomperaug Avenue, Woodbury , CT 06798 I 203 264-4500 I